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There’s no better site to visit to get a deep understanding of the software world than 1-6.us. At 1-6.us, we are dedicated to aggregating for you the latest news in the software making and distribution industry so that you can easily make those software decisions for your company.

For any business to stay ahead of its competitors, information about the latest software and mobile applications is essential. In a saturated marketplace, finding the perfect software for your business operations could be the difference between recording a profit and struggling with a loss. 1-6.us gives you the information you need to make sure you will always be a step ahead of your business rivals.

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What’s more, through our site, you can learn about the new software companies making waves in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Some of the best innovative software solutions come from the industry’s newcomers. We will keep you in the know about the new entrants so that you can be ready yourself to take up the potential opportunities that the new innovators bring.